Book A one on one consulation with jvc

I get ALOT of messages and emails per month asking about how I became a full time local/regional musician.  You can book a one hour consultation with me and ask me anything!  I am happy to share over 35 years of knowledge I've worked hard to obtain.  I can only share what worked for me and what didn't work for me and I will ultimately ENCOURAGE you to discover what works for you in hopes that my years of experience might guide you.

Things to consider:

- How did I turn a few gigs into 300 events per year?

- How do I form solid venue relationships and get repeat bookings?

- What to do and what NOT to do.

- Discover "who" you are as an artist.

- Discover "what" you do as an artist.

- The importance of DAILY Social Media presence and activity.

- Self promotion tips.

- What venues are RIGHT for you?

- How to say no.

- How to place VALUE on your services and PRICE yourselves accordingly.


These are just a FEW topics I am constantly asked about and would be happy to discuss in a one hour meeting with you.



Consultation Fee:  $150-300 depending on travel.